- New Challenge from SABIOD on environmental bioacoustic scaled index, EADM Challenge 2015 to be opened begin of august 2015

- Join us at our IEEE Int. Workshop. held in conjuction with Int. Conf. on Data Mining (ICDM 2015) Extended deadline August 9: 'Environmental Acoustic Data Mining [EADM]', 14 nov. 2015, Atlantic City, USA.

- Sabiod presents the 2nd European Alpine Bat Detector Worskhop, Grenoble Sept. 17-19 2015

- Sabiod opened the 10th Advanced Multimodal Information Retrieval int'l summer school / workshop ERMITES 2015: Big Data Sciences for Bioacoustic Environmental Survey, 21 & 22 april 2015, University de Toulon, Provence / french Riviera.

- Sabiod co-organizes the largest scaled bioacoustic bird classification challenge BIRD LIFECLEF 2015 with 1000 species, based on 33,000 CROWD-SOURCED audio records from the whole South-America (XenoCanto). This international challenge doubles the previous one we organized, and includes it. in order to allow comparative studies (MAP computation on 2014 test set will be computed). The training and test set will be distributed mid january 2015. You'll be welcome to submit runs until May (contact: glotin@univ-tln.fr / Sample).

- Sabiod supports the Sea Explorer project, the first 5D bioacoustic lab catamaran for crowdsourcing soundscape monitoring.

- Sabiod co-organized the seminary Is Big Data Beautiful? Aix-en-Provence, dec. 2014.

- Sabiod was presented at the BIG DATA worskhop, french Ambassy Tokyo, with NII lab, nov. 2014.

- Sabiod supported the third workshop SERENADE 2014 (Acoustic Monitoring of the Marine Environment) in GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble, nov. 2014.
gipsa-lab logo

This technical workshop focuses on acoustical signal processing and its applications for the observation of marine environments. Principal topics of interest are processing and interpretation of underwater sounds in innovative ways for environmental, civil or defense purposes. The workshop will feature tutorials, 6 plenary sessions, talks and poster sessions during 3 days (most of the talks will be given in French)
The workshop SERENADE provides a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. As a novelty, this third edition will highlight the topics of passive acoustic monitoring in river environments.

Sessions: The national issues of underwater acoustics in France; Acoustical signal processing; Geophony, biophony, anthropophony and the impacts of human activities on the environment; Passive acoustic monitoring for streams, flows, and river environments.

- Sabiod co-organized the citizen science conference (Fête de la science) Paris Aquarium Porte Dorée -Oct. 2014 Scaled monitoring of humpback whale in Madagascar (reportage).

ecoacoustics logo

- Sabiod supported the conference 'Ecology and acoustics: emergent properties from community to landscape': EcoAcoustics - Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, 16-18th june 2014.

- Sabiod organized uLearnBio: Workshop on Unsupervised Learning from Bioacoustic Big Data @ ICML2014, june 2014, Beijing, China.

- Sabiod co-organized the 1st LifeCLEF 2014 Bird Identification challenge. It is based on 14K heterogeneous audio records of 500 species centered on Brazil. This challenge was the biggest ever organized, after the pionner ICML 2013 and NIPS 2013 bird challenges that SABIOD organized.

- Sabiod organized NIPS4B: Neural Information Processing Scaled for Bioacoustics, dec. 2013, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA.

- Sabiod organized the 1st Workshop on Machine Learning for Bioacoustics @ICML2013, June 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.