BIO Inspired Optimal Systems [ BIO2S ]

BIO Inspired Optimal Systems [ BIO2S ]

Preliminary Program

Tuesday, April 9th

12h: Welcome & Lunch
13:30 - Session 1: Introduction session

The Pontryagin's Maximum Principle as a basic tool for Bio-inspired problems in Control and Vision

J.-P. Gauthier, Pr at Univ. Sud Toulon-Var-IUF, INRIA, CNRS LSIS
14:30 - Session 2: Motor Planning, stability and optimization

Why do humans move the way they do ? Direct and inverse optimal control

B. Berret, Ass. Pr. at Univ. Paris Sud

Optimal control problems for the human locomotion: stability and robustness of minimizers

F. C. Chittaro, Ass. Pr. at Univ Sud Toulon-Var
16:30 - Session 3: POSTER SESSION

How humans fly

T. Maillot and A. Ajami, Phd at USTV
20:00 - Diner Gala

Wednesday, April 10th

9:00 - Session 4

History of the Maximum Principle

R. Gamkrelidze, Pr. at the Russian Academy of Sciences
11:00 - Session 5: Learning Neural Dynamics
Discussant H. Glotin, Pr at IUF and USTV, CNRS LSIS

Role of rotational axes in the multisensory control of unconstrained 3D arm motions.

Brice Isableu, Ass. Pr. at Univ. Paris Sud
Lunch Buffet at Neptune Palais

Machine Learning Approach for Neuro-degenerative Diseases : Detection and Tremor Arrest in Movement Disorder

X. Halkias, Dr. at USTV CNRS LSIS and Dir. of In Actu LLC, USA
16:00 - Session 6: General Discussion

Towards Optimal Control, Machine Learning for Neuro-Robotics

Discussant P. Gorce, Pr at USTV, Dir. Handibio
20h - Dinner