This workshop follows a "mini-conference" format, and will explicitly offer multiple opportunities for free discussion between researchers.

  • Invited keynote speakers present an overview as well as open ended issues in their specific field of research. Each talk will be followed by a brainstorming session whereby participants and speakers will explore possible solutions. Their conclusions and outcomes will be presented at the end of the workshop.
  • The second day includes sessions on the Technical Challenge for the avian and marine mammal data sets.
  • Preliminary program :

    Day 1 : Thursday the 20th of june

    08:30 AM Opening Session/Welcome Why ICML4B ? H. Glotin and C. Clark
    08:45 AM Keynote Speaker C. Clark 'Advanced High-performance-computing for Mapping Marine Mammals overs ecologically meaningful scales'
    09:20 AM Keynote Speaker O. Tchernichovski "Physiological brain processes that underlie song learning"
    10:00 AM Coffee
    10:30 AM Keynote Speaker Y. Bengio 'Deep Learning : Looking Forward'
    11:15 AM Keynote Speaker X. Halkias 'Classification of Mysticete : Extracting spectro-temporal structures of calls using Sparse Architectures'
    12:00 AM Lunch
    02:00 PM Keynote Speaker H. Glotin 'Sparse coding for deformed marine or terrestrian events / Bird or Whale Cocktail Party 3D Tracking'
    02:30 PM Accepted paper Segretier et al. 'Song-based Classification techniques for Endangered Bird Conservation'
    02:55 PM Keynote Speaker D. Sheldon et al. 'Machine Learning and Ecology'
    15:30 PM Coffee
    16:00 PM Keynote Speaker G. Pavan 'Monitoring bioacoustic diversity for research, conservation and education' 1/2
    16:30 PM Keynote Speaker D. Reiss 'Gaining insights into the structure and use of dolphin whistle repertoires'
    17:10 PM Poster and short papers Popescu et al. 'Large Scale Classification'
    Dugan et al. 'High Perf Computing for Bioacoustics' Mishchenko et al. 'Target Optimization funct for bird songs'
    Smirnov, 'CNN for whale classification'

    Day 2 : Friday the 21th of june

    Day 2
    08:30 AM Keynote Speaker P. Dugan 'Pratical considerations for high performance on continuous passive acoustic data'
    09:05 AM Accepted paper Cornel Group 'Call Classification'
    09:30 AM Accepted paper Abousleiman et al. 'Whale Classification'
    10:00 AM Coffee
    10:30 AM Challenge Results 1/2 Bird song classification : Methods and results of the 62 participants, Prize, and next..?
    Benetos et al. working note
    Briggs et al. working note
    11:15 AM Keynote Speaker G. Pavan 'Challenged in monitoring / indexing bioacoustic diversity' Demo (2/2)
    11:50 AM Memory photography of this 1st ICML4B event
    12:00 AM Lunch
    02:00 PM Challenge Results 2/2 Whale Challenge : Methods, Results (70 participants), Prize, and next..?
    02:35 PM Accepted paper Paris et al. 'Sparse Coding for whale localization'
    15:00 PM Accepted paper Ness et al. 'Orca Big Data'
    15:20 PM Accepted paper Briggs et al. 'Participative Classification'
    15:40 PM Coffee
    16:00 PM Accepted paper Cornel Group 'Click Classification'
    16:30 PM General discussion/Closing Organizers/Participants