The proposed format is a suggestion and depends on acceptance of the proposal

The workshop will follow a "mini-conference" format, but the venue will explicitly offer multiple opportunities for free discussion between researchers . Papers considered for acceptance will fall under the thematic categories described in Section: Applications.

  • The workshop will last two days.
  • Invited keynote speakers will occupy half days and will present an overview as well as open ended issues in their specific field of research.
    • Each talk will be followed by a brainstorming session whereby participants and speakers will explore possible solutions.
    • The conclusions and outcomes of these brainstorming sessions will be presented at the end of the workshop to all participants.
  • The afternoon sessions will include oral presentations and/or poster sessions of accepted papers.
  • The second day will include sessions on the Technical Challenge for the avian and marine mammal data sets.

A preliminary workshop program is provided below (see next section for keynote speakers' content/CV).

Day 1

8:30 Session 1 10:00 Coffee 10:30 Session 2 12:00 Lunch 2:00 Session 3 3:30 Coffee 4:00 Session 4 5:30 End
08:30 AM Opening Session/Welcome Why ICML4B ?
09:15 AM Keynote Speaker Ofer Tchernichovski
10:00 AM Coffee
10:30 AM Keynote Speaker Y. Bengio
11:15 AM Keynote Speaker X. Halkias
12:00 AM Lunch
02:00 PM Keynote Speaker H. Glotin
02:30 PM Keynote Speaker D. Reiss
15:00 PM Keynote Speaker G. Pavan (1/2)
15:30 AM Coffee
16:00 PM Keynote Speaker G. Pavan (2/2)
16:30 PM Session 1 on accepted papers Participants

Day 2

08:30 AM Keynote Speaker C. Clark
09:15 AM Keynote Speaker P. Dugan
10:00 AM Coffee
10:30 AM Keynote Speaker T. G. Dietterich
11:15 AM Technical challenge session 1 : Bird Challenge results
12:00 AM Lunch
02:00 PM Technical challenge session 2 : Whale Challenge results
02:45 PM Session 2/3 on accepted papers
15:30 AM Coffee
16:00 PM Session 3/3 on accepted papers
16:30 PM General discussion/Closing Organizers/Participants